Provisioning an EC2 instance may not be enough to handle dynamic performance needs. It is possible to increase the instance as required, however ideally this could have handled automatically. AWS EC2 Auto-scaling fulfills this requirement. AWS Auto-scaling allows us to automatically add or remove instances when certain thresholds are reached…

A reference solution for provisioning EC2 instances in a VPC using Terraform.


Provisioning an EC2 instance in AWS is one of the simplest tasks. However, it is not be enough to have only an EC2 instance provisioned. It is required to limit access to the EC2 instance to provide network…

Photo by Daniel Stenholm on Unsplash

It has been a little bit over a year that I started working with Istio at work. I think over the time I have gained some valuable experience implementing service infrastructure with Istio and I decided that it is worth documenting my experience as a series of blog posts. My…

Isuru SIriwardana

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